To me, wedding photography is so much more than just amazing photos - it's a relationship. You want to be comfortable with the person that is going to be capturing the most intimate moments of the most important day in your life. 

Because of this, I always strongly recommend that brides and grooms sit down one on one with vendors before choosing their photographer so that they can have a chance to meet them in person to see how comfortable they are with each other; again, there's a lot more to the day than just taking pictures. 

finding your photographer

After 26 flights in 25 days, I'd say I've become pretty accustomed to it.  I travel for weddings, events, and travel photography.  Contact me for more information.

+ Are you available for travel?

You betcha!  It pains me to see so many people that spend lots of money on nice cameras, yet have no clue how to use it or take a good photo.  Currently, I offer private mentoring and a PHOTO 101 "Knowing Your Camera" workshop.  More details to come...

+ Do you teach any workshops?

Absolutely!  I believe that the more opportunities I have to take pictures in all types of scenarios, the better photographer I become.  Most "Wedding Photographers" photograph more than weddings, they just don't advertise it all on one website.  I believe that the more of my work I am able to share, the more educated my clients will be on my level of professional photography.  Investments start at $3,000.

+ do you still shoot weddings?